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Tax Gnome is a cloud-based Tax Management application that allows New Zealand based business owners to easily plan and manage their income tax and GST. It uses real time data from your accounting system to calculate your tax position to date and forward tax provisions.

In conjunction with Inland Revenue’s AIM, business owners can now pay tax as you go based on actual business performance, eliminating provisional tax. Tax Gnome will manage your AIM payments and end of year square up.

For business owners preferring to use provisional tax, Tax Gnome  provides you with very accurate dynamic information on your tax progress, at any time you choose, and ensures that you are always up to date with your data AND payments and liabilities. This ensures that you don’t get any nasty end of year tax surprises.

Tax Gnome can be used with tax pooling to ensure accurate tax pooling payments are made.

Tax Gnome allows business owners to be in complete control of their obligations to Inland Revenue and ensures total “peace of mind” to users through easy access to all dynamic data, and details of their business structure, and allows accurate on-time payments to Inland revenue – thus avoiding stress

Tax Gnome is due for release in April 2019, to be used in conjunction with the 2020 tax year. Tax Gnome is compatible with XERO.  

Tax Gnome can be set-up quickly and easily by you or your accountant.

Tax Gnome  costs $15 per month + GST, that’s only $180 for a year, and you get:

  • Up to date tax planning and GST information, available any time on your desk top PC, tablet or mobile phone.
  • AIM calculations, filing and payment instructions, all from your mobile phone.
  • The ability to amend your business settings to cater for changes during the year.

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